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Orange sacks forty over Internet porn...
Surfing council worker loses job...
Book holiday and lose your job...


- Punte per trapano
HJSplit (download)

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Any of the web pages, pictures, movies, videos, sounds or everything else you or anyone else have ever viewed could easily be recovered (even many years later).....

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You are surfing Internet but you are not aware that all information about where you have been are saved in your local hard drive. Also web pages that you have visited are stored locally in order to increase loading speed next time you surf?

Removing the evidence of your surfing with Wintracks™ will prevent from discovering where you've been by examining your computer.

Be sure to use Wintracks™ every day in order to keep yourself out of trouble there.

Make it safer to use the Internet when

Wintracks™ protect your privacy?/font>

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